WATCHMAN: Learn About the Only FDA-Approved Implant Proven to Reduce Stroke

Are you tired of taking your blood-thinning medication day after day? Are you ready to be free of blood thinners for good? Ditch blood thinners and their side effects forever with the only FDA-approved implant, the WATCHMAN. At Premier Cardiology Consultants in New York, our practitioners can help determine if the WATCHMAN implant is right for you. 

What causes a stroke

At best, strokes are permanently life-altering. At their worst, they can be fatal for one in three women and one in five men. Causes of stroke can include: 

For years, blood thinners have been the go-to prevention method and treatment for stroke. Sadly, taking blood-thinning medication is often tedious and requires continuous follow-up and INR monitoring. When taking blood-thinners, even minor bruising or injury is grave cause for concern. Due to the risks and side effects, the treatment doesn’t work for everyone. Going without blood thinners often leaves many individuals waiting like ticking time bombs for their next nearly-fatal stroke. 

How the WATCHMAN implant works

The WATCHMAN, a tiny, umbrella-shaped device, is here to change treatment and prevention of strokes. This device is a clinically proven method for preventing stroke without taking blood thinners or continually having to check your international normalized ratio (INR). 

During an approximately hour-long procedure, your physician carefully implants the tiny, unnoticeable device through to the opening of your left atrial appendage (LAA). Completed while you are under general anesthesia, this placement enables the device to expand, much like opening an umbrella. Once expanded, the WATCHMAN device will block the LAA from allowing clots to pass through, preventing strokes in the process. 

After completion of your procedure, you will be monitored carefully by your physician. This monitoring is to ensure the device has performed as intended by closing off the LAA. To determine this, your doctor may require imaging of your heart. Once you’re in the free and clear, cessation of your blood thinners can begin. 

Take your life back from blood thinners

If you’re at a higher risk for stroke, or if you have already experienced a stroke, there is hope without medication. The WATCHMAN is the only FDA-approved device to help prevent strokes for a good reason; it is proven to help prevent strokes. 

This tiny device can change your life for the better. If you’re tired of checking your INR and are ready to quit your blood thinners, call or book online to schedule your consultation with Premier Cardiology Consultants today.

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