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Vascular Ultrasound Specialist

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If you’re preparing to undergo an angiogram or other heart procedures, a vascular ultrasound may be recommended. At Premier Cardiology Consultants, the skilled medical team offers convenient, on-site vascular ultrasounds at their locations in New Hyde Park on Long Island, and Forest Hills, Rochdale, Jamaica, and Richmond Hill in Queens, New York. This fast, painless diagnostic procedure offers insight into how your blood is flowing and can identify potential issues, like blood clots, that can affect your health. Learn more about vascular ultrasound technology by calling the Premier Cardiology Consultants office nearest you today or by scheduling a consultation online.

Vascular Ultrasound Q & A

What is a vascular ultrasound?

A vascular ultrasound is an imaging procedure that uses sound waves to evaluate the health of your circulatory system. The procedure requires no incisions or other invasive methods and is typically painless and fast.

You may need a vascular ultrasound to detect blockages in your blood vessels, including clots, that may put you at increased risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Your Premier Cardiology Consultants may also recommend a vascular ultrasound to:

  • Evaluate varicose veins
  • Detect enlarged arteries
  • Assess your health before surgery

A vascular ultrasound is also useful during certain medical procedures that require injections or catheter placement into a vein or artery. The technology allows your doctor to watch where they’re placing the needle to ensure it’s in the correct position.

What can I expect during a vascular ultrasound?

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for a vascular ultrasound. You may wish to wear loose, comfortable clothing during your procedure and leave jewelry at home. 

Your Premier Cardiology Consultants doctor can discuss any medications you’re taking before your exam to determine if you need to make changes.

You can expect to lie comfortably on an exam table while your Premier Cardiology Consultants physician applies a gel and places a transducer on the surface of your skin. The gel helps the device move freely and prevents friction.

The transducer sends sound waves through the skin that bounce off your internal structures and create a visual of your blood vessels and the flow of your blood.

Your Premier Cardiology Consultants doctor receives real-time information about your circulatory health, so they can make decisions about moving forward with necessary treatments.

Does a vascular ultrasound have any risks?

A vascular ultrasound is painless and noninvasive. Immediately after your procedure, you can return to your usual activities without any limitations.

Once your Premier Cardiology Consultants provider reviews the results of your test, they can discuss your options for treating any issues they identify.

To learn more about the benefits of a diagnostic vascular ultrasound, call the Premier Cardiology Consultants office nearest you today or request an appointment through the online booking feature.