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Av Node Ablation


What Is Av Node Ablation?

AV Node Ablation is a treatment that Dr. Ahuja recommends to treat atrial fibrillation. In some patients with atrial fibrillation, medications, or cardioversion are not effective in controlling the rapid heart rates. Patients who have rapid heart rates during atrial fibrillation often suffer from uncomfortable palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, exercise intolerance or a weakened heart muscle. In these patients, an AV node ablation is effective in eliminating the rapid and irregular heartbeats that cause their symptoms. We perform this procedure only in patients who do not respond to medications or cardioversion. You must have a pacemaker or defibrillator already in place before the procedure. The Premier Cardiology of Consultants continue to proudly serve the areas from Queens to Long Island, and will not rest until you achieve the comfort and peace of mind you deserve

How Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) Occurs

Atrial Fibrillation occurs when an abnormal heart rhythm develops after an electrical impulse starts. It is common for the impulse to start from the SA node. However, it can also follow an unorthodox route that is not normally present. This is what happens when in atrial fibrillation. Electrical short circuits develop in the upper heart chamber

What Are The Advantages Of Av Node Ablation?

An AV node ablation has a very high success rate (98%) and a very low risk of serious complications (1%). It is very effective in alleviating symptoms caused by rapid atrial fibrillation. The procedure also eliminates the need for several medications.

Disadvantages Of Atrioventricular Node Ablation

The main disadvantage is that you will become dependent on your pacemaker or defibrillator for the rest of your life. This is less serious than it sounds because Dr. Ahuja will make sure your pacemaker or defibrillator is functioning well prior to recommending an AV node ablation. After the ablation, you will have to make sure your pacemaker or defibrillator is followed closely by Dr. Ahuja to make sure it continues to work well.

The Av Node Ablation Procedure At Premier Cardiology Consultants

The AV node is the natural electrical system that allows your heart to conduct its natural heartbeats. During atrial fibrillation the AV node causes your heart rhythm to be rapid and irregular. When medications cannot slow your AV node enough to prevent symptoms, then an AV node ablation is a good option.

An AV node ablation also burns away your heart’s natural electrical system and allows your pacemaker or defibrillator to take over for the rest of your life. A catheter is inserted into a vein in the right groin and positioned near the AV node. Radio-frequency energy is energy that passes through the catheter to burn away the AV node. This eliminates the rapid and irregular heartbeats caused by atrial fibrillation. The procedure takes less than 1 hour.

Atrioventricular Node Ablation Results For A-Fib

The success rate of AV Ablation is high. Your heart rate is controlled by the implanted pacemaker after the procedure is completed. In addition to that, it is highly unlikely that you will need to take drugs for heart rate control. However, you may need to take blood thinners, depending on your risk of stroke.

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