More Reasons Why Dog is Man’s Best Friend

We see bumper stickers dedicated to pets all the time. A popular message of late is “Who rescued who?” Whether a cherished pet was rescued from a shelter or not, this sentiment of love between a furry companion and owner cannot be denied. But the love that a human and pet share is not what we want to discuss here. What we want to look at is the data that suggests a dog owner also benefits physically from this bond.

Across several studies, interesting details have emerged:

The data on dog ownership, in particular, has been significant enough for the American Heart Association to confirm its benefits. It is believed that pet ownership can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, though there is no singular reason for this. There may be multiple factors that come into play, such as the increase in physical activity, or the reduction in daily stress load. The social engagement that pet owners get encourages healthier behaviors in many situations.

In addition to discussing scientific data, the American Heart Association has stated that dog ownership, in particular, maybe a reasonable consideration for individuals interested in reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease. However, pet ownership is a heavy responsibility. Individuals are encouraged to consider all aspects of this step, not just the potential physical benefits, before deciding to adopt or purchase.

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