Let’s Talk Stroke Prevention

We often hear of how we can take better care of ourselves to prevent heart attacks. Here, we want to discuss the issue of the “brain attack,” or stroke. Research is showing an increase in the number of strokes, especially among relatively young women. Because one cannot predict the onset of this event, there is ample reason to look to prevention.

Lifestyle Factors In Stroke (And Stroke Prevention)

The primary risk factor for stroke is smoking. In addition to being a risk factor in and of itself, it has been said that smoking also exacerbates the other risks associated with stroke. These include:

Here is a bit of good news about risk factors for stroke: they are cumulative. The more unattended factors one has, the greater the risk of stroke. On the other hand, taking steps to mitigate one risk, such as stopping the use of tobacco products or lowering cholesterol, has a positive effect on the overall risk of stroke.

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