Feel your Best with These Holiday Healthy Heart Tips

The holiday season seems to creep up on us every year. One minute, we’re preparing for trick-or-treaters and the next, Buddy the Elf is on every television channel and holiday songs on every radio station. Whether you bounce right through the holidays or you would describe your journey as more of a trudge, there is immense value in creating a plan to get you through the season in optimal health.

Your Holiday Plan

Every one of us is different, but our heart-healthy tactics may look similar at this time of year. Because exercise is crucial for heart health and good circulation, not to mention weight management, it is beneficial to begin your holiday plan with a strategy for exercise. When the going gets busy, those morning walks may be the first or second thing to go! Knowing your commitment ahead of time takes any idea of skipping that workout off the table, and it also gives you something to plan around – your well-being.

Mindfulness For Holiday Festivities

Many of us will head out to at least one holiday bash this season. And most of us will make at least a few trips to the mall for lengthy shopping trips. Both of these holiday activities can lead to unhealthy food choices. Here are a few ways to make sure you do not succumb to pitfalls like fast-food or too much alcohol:

This time of year is especially challenging regarding how much activity we engage in. On the one hand, we want to maintain a good level of exercise, even if that means taking the stairs more often. On the other hand, those watching their heart health also need to know their limitations. This is the season of peace, too, so remember to listen to your body. If you notice that you feel a little spun-up or, conversely, drained, take time out.

The team at Premier Cardiology Consultants wishes you a happy and heart-healthy holiday season.

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